Sunday, 8 August 2010

Doubts, rain and stall talk

So recently I've been rather up and down emotion wise. Before the weekend I found myself in a little situation which I won't say anymore about. I will say that everything is sorted and it's time to move on. Which brings me to Saturday and my first time on a stall. Maybe I should explain a little first. From the email I received the organisation seemed really professional stating that these 'fun days' they were having would be a great way to promote your business. So I paid for a stall and began preparing stuff to sell (see earlier posts). When I got there it looked more like car boot sale! I really believe I was the only other business there and everyone else who had a stall was from the organisation. They were selling second hand toys and books. I quickly realised that my very reasonable prices for original work were way too expensive compared to what they were selling.

I decided to stick around and hope that people would at the very least pick up my business cards. I wasn't told it was outside and so I didn't bring any sort of cover. And that's when the rain started. Some of my work was ruined and with my table still wet I decided I couldn't put anything out again so it was time leave. I really am gutted it turned out so bad and for the amount I paid for a so called 'stall' too. Just so I don't feel so bad I'm deciding to chalk it up to experience.

So where does this leave me? A question I've asked myself way too often since then. This coupled with the situation I mentioned earlier leaves me with a lot of doubt about my work. Being an Illustrator (professionally) is something I've been wanting my whole life. I really thought I was getting somewhere too. With the wonders of the Internet more people have been interested in my work and I have had a lot more feedback.

I really was just going to give up on the idea of ever having a stall or really selling anything. But while at Tynemouth market I saw how it can be a really great way to promote my work without the internet. It also turns out it is a lot cheaper than what I paid for the farce that was Saturday. I have a few ideas in the pipeline already so It's definitely something I'm not giving up on just yet. More about those ideas at a later date as I've rambled enough.

If you managed to stick around to the end of this post here's an illustration to say thanks.

Tis of my niece and nephew. Although Joe is actually older than this now as it's an old drawing.

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  1. Looks ace all the same Louise :)
    Keep plugging at things, it will come together :)