Saturday, 25 September 2010

Reluctant Suicide by Andy Wood

Lingering on some dark road, or bend,
While I wait, with uncertainty.
I know not where, or indeed when,
But I know my death, it beckons me.

On the sands, of this cold shore,
I am alone, nowhere to hide.
This journey, never taken before,
To end my life, a reluctant suicide

This is an illustration I produced for the above poem. Andy is the guy who's poems I'll be illustrating and he's putting a book together. I'm on a bit of a high right now as I sent him this illustration and expected him to want to change some things or to out right dislike it. The response I got was totally unexpected. One of the things he said was: 'You have captured the poem in a way that makes me shiver.' He was incredibly pleased with it and told me not to change a single thing saying it was perfect!

I struggle with the word perfect as it is far from it. But I have to tell myself that although I may not be 100% happy with it (I rarely am) he is happy with it and that is what matters.

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